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Antelope Valley College Health and Science Building

[nggallery id=3] Client: Antelope Valley Community College District Services Provided: Program Verification, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration Project Location: Lancaster, CA Project Size: 66,119 asf/105,085 gsf Completion Date: April 2013; Substantial Completion-September 2012 Sustainability: Sustainable Design Features Included Program: Shared Learning Spaces - Interdisciplinary Learning Center/Computer Lab Suite, Central Resource Center and AV Equipment Storage Facility, Flexible Classrooms, 100 Person Lecture Hall, Open Computer Lab, Faculty Training Lab, Tutorial Lab; Biology Program Labs and Prep...
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Contra Costa College New College Center | Student and Administration Building

[nggallery id=118] Client: Contra Costa Community College District Services Provided: Master Planning, Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration Project Location: San Pablo, CA Project Size: 108,379 sf           Student and Administration Building (including the Fireside Building): 57,369 gsf          General Education Building: 45,253 gsf  Completion Date: September 2016  Sustainability: Savings By Design Program: Student and Administration Building:  Student Life, Culinary Arts, Food Services, Bookstore, Administration, Business Services, Research and Planning, Marketing, Economic Development and Grants, Faculty Senate, Career Tech Education, Middle...
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Antelope Valley College Agricultural Lab/Environmental Horticulture Complex

[nggallery id=2] Client: Antelope Valley Community College District Services Provided: Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration Project Location: Lancaster, CA Project Size: 16,657 gsf Completion Date: May 2009 Program: Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Faculty Workroom, Computer Lab, Agriculture Labs, Prep Room, Walk-in Refrigerator, Greenhouses, Materials Storages, Maintenance Shops, Warehouse The Agricultural Laboratory/Horticulture Complex will support the College's Agriculture Program through classroom, lab and live plant instruction. The Main Building will be organized along a broad Hallway which serves as the main circulation through the Building and out to...
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