Architectural Services

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“Charette” sessions to discuss needs, program and personnel. Define development area and facilities. Review Budget. Prepare written program and secure Client approval to proceed.


Develop concept sketch. Verify on-site conditions. Determine visual impact and desired environment. Provide schematic design for approval. Develop defined drawings to establish space, character, construction systems and schedule of construction. Review all building systems with consulting engineers. Provide updated budget. Provide outline specifications and budget for approval.

Construction Documents

Develop final working drawings and specifications. Provide Client with contract documents for review. Make presentation of final design and budget to appropriate committees. Secure approval of contract documents for bidding. Secure approval of contract documents for construction.
BID PREPARATION: Assist in distribution of contract documents and secure adequate competitive bidders. Assist in securing of construction bids and making recommendation on award of construction contract.

Contract Administration

Assist in preparation and securing signature for Construction Agreement. Initiate pre-construction meetings and review of Contract requirements. Review and observe construction progress with periodic visits. Review shop drawings and assist the contractor with any clarifications. Review and make recommendations to payment request. Secure final completion. Close out construction and allow for owner acceptance and move in.