tBP/Architecture’s professional capabilities offer a fresh perspective and numerous diverse opportunities when programming and designing facilities. Whether they are simple additions, in-depth modernizations or new construction, we have the competency to successfully bring them to fruition. Albert Einstein suggested that insanity is continually doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. In that vein, there will be no favorable solution derived by utilizing similar thinking which initially created the problem. Fresh perspectives and experienced thought processes are necessary to offer viable solutions.

During our 68 years of providing professional design services, tBP’s California based team of multi-talented professionals has continually evolved an effective process for designing and delivering state of the art facilities that support current requirements with the flexibility to support future requirements. This is achieved through a collaborative problem solving thought process between our professionals and our Client’s leaders/stakeholders.

We have our business organized around cross-group teams (programming, planning, designing, technical and construction administrators) that jointly assess the flow of our resources based on the need to create value for our Clients. We recognize that this crossing of knowledge and maintaining the appropriate technical systems to perform are important value-creating assets provided to our Clients.

Our in-house capabilities are continuously expanded through staff development and training policies. We provide AIA supported office seminars conducted by various industries, manufacturers and vendors. Additionally, we participate in pertinent webinars and conferences as a means to better understand the policies and practices of our Clients. These avenues of continued professional education and increased individual knowledge strengthen our capabilities to deliver innovative value to our Clients.