tBP/Architecture has been in business for over 69 years. Our past leads us into the future. The culmination of our history precedes us as we continue to provide stimulating and state-of-the-art professional design services to our communities, current clients, and future ones. Our founders firmly believed in the future of education being in harmony with the technologies of the future. Following their vision, we work with the community and staff to stimulate ideas for their needs and concerns so that educational facilities prosper. We create facilities with three things in mind, security for our children, stimulating environments for their intellectual and physical growth and safe environs for them to explore. We listen to every nuance and pay attention to every detail of a project that is put in front of us. Our experience stems from history and continues to grow to lead the future in educational facility design.

tBP/Architecture also researches every aspect of the teaching community with educational planning. We have staff that work closely with the Association for Learning Environments (a4le) [formerly CEFPI]. This group is an organization dedicated to “…improving the places where children learn.” We are also heavily aligned with the Coalition of Adequate School Housing (CASH) which is an organization that helps to “…promote, develop and support state funding for K-12 construction”. We have extensive experience with the Community College Facility Coalition (CCFC) for our community college work.