Antelope Valley College Agricultural Lab/Horticulture Complex

Client: Antelope Valley Community College District
Services Provided: Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
Project Location: Lancaster, CA
Project Size: 16,657 gsf
Completion Date: May 2009
Program: Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Faculty Workroom, Computer Lab, Agriculture Labs, Prep Room, Walk-in Refrigerator, Greenhouses, Materials Storages, Maintenance Shops, Warehouse

The Agricultural Laboratory/Horticulture Complex will support the College’s Agriculture Program through classroom, lab and live plant instruction. The Main Building will be organized along a broad Hallway which serves as the main circulation through the Building and out to the Yard. The Hallway will have a colored concrete floor, allowing plants to be displayed along the walls. Natural light will enter the Hallway from all directions, through clerestory windows above and from the east and west entries. Additional “borrowed” natural light will enter the classrooms through clerestory windows from the Hallway.

The facility is designed for students to receive instruction in classrooms and work in adjacent lab prep rooms, which are connected directly to the Lath House, where plants are under cultivation. Irrigation systems will also be part of the instruction program. The Complex will include a variety of conditions for plant life. The Lath House and Shade House will provide specific protected conditions; while four greenhouses will have various climates, from tropical to desert environments. Individual garden landscapes will be created in outdoor yard areas.