Columbia College Allied Health Cohort Program

Owner:   Yosemite Community College District
Project Location:  Sonora, CA
Project Size:  3,200 sf
Completion Date:  August 2013
Services Provided:  Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
Sustainability:  Sustainable Design Features Included
Program:  Satellite Nursing Program with Skills Labs, Distance Learning Classrooms, and Offices

The project involves the conversion of Science Labs to support innovative teaching methodologies in Nursing instruction. The program uses teleconferencing to link students at the distant Columbia College campus to their instructors at the main Modesto Junior College campus for lectures, group work and lab classes. This approach allows for the efficient use of limited staff resources. Similar techniques and technology are used in the real world to provide quality health care to patients in remote locations. The Allied Health Cohort Facility houses instructional spaces that mirror a professional clinical environment in Skills Labs, Distance Learning Classrooms and Offices. The Nursing Skills Labs are closely modeled after hospital environments. The labs are equipped with functional head-walls piped with live medical gases. Simulation Labs include medical simulation manikins which mimic live patients labs and include cameras for remote viewing and review.

Special Challenges:
The Columbia College Nursing Cohort is a sister program to Modesto Junior College (MJC). As the Columbia program is much smaller (12 student classes), there were not sufficient funds to allow lecture to occur onsite. The key challenge was to link the two programs with a effective distance learning solution. We responded by designing lecture rooms which  were linked to MJC’s lecture halls using high definition cameras, screens and sound cancelling microphones. The result is effective; students at Columbia are full participants in the MJC lectures. They can interact with lecturers as well as view procedures and the markings on the white board.