Crafton Hills College Crafton Center

Client: San Bernardino Community College District
Services Provided: Programming and Design
Project Location: Yucaipa, CA
Project Size: 50,000 gsf
Completion Date: March 2015
Sustainability: LEED PLATINUM Certified
Design Architect:  tBP/Architecture
Architect of Record: HMC, Inc.
Program: Administration, Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, DSPS, EOPS, Counseling, Career/Transfer, Student Life, Crafton Store, Food Service, Café, Multi-purpose Venue/Accommodate Dining, Events and Conferences for 250 participants, Meeting Rooms, Public Spaces, Central Quad
Award:  American Institute of Architects, Orange County (AIAOC) 2016 Citation Award

The Crafton Center is the new central student services hub of the Crafton Hills College campus. As Design Architect, tBP/Architecture designed the center as a humanistic visual landmark and new front door to the original 1950’s heroic (Frank Lloyd Wright inspired) concrete brutalist architecture of Crafton Hills College. As seen from above, the building frames the central campus quad and responds to the ceremonial grandeur of the existing LADM building. Envisioned with students as the “customer”, the program is focused on how to best serve students in a simple straightforward way that creates intuitive wayfinding. Panoramic views are made available to each student support department in the building; Administration, Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, DSPS, Student Life, EOPS, Counseling, Career/Transfer, Crafton Store and the Roadrunner Café.

tBP/Architecture worked with the User Committee to define the project as a ‘building for students’ that will provide environments to support a variety of student needs:

  • Efficient, timely access to Student Services
  • Open invitation to participate in Student Life
  • Collegiate welcome to Administration offices
  • Convenient access to food, instructional supplies and merchandise
  • Hang-out space that is maintained in order to create a comfortable vibe
  • Campus Gateway

The building provides a panoramic view from the lobby to all student service departments in order to provide a convenient orientation for users. The multi-purpose venue accommodates dining, events, and conferences for 250 participants. Meeting rooms and public spaces offer scenic views of the campus, surrounding valleys and mountainscapes. Outside, the new Crafton Center frames the view of the main quad, and ‘speak’ across the space to the ceremonial grandeur of the LADM building. The outdoor dining area overlooks the Living Wall. The building serves as a symbolic and literal ‘magnet’ of College life that draws from, and connects to, all parts of the campus.