Golden West College Student Services Center

Client: Coast Community College District 
Services Provided: Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
Project Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Project Size: 52,000 sf
Projected Completion Date: March 2018
Programs: Admissions and Records/Financial Aid, Bursar, DSPS, Veterans Services, EOPS, CARE, CalWORKS, Career Transfer, Counseling, Assessment, Outreach, Guardian Scholars/Foster, Classrooms, Computer Labs, Faculty Offices, Public Safety, Data Center, Quad

Located in the geometric center of the Golden West College campus facing the central quad, the intentionally iconic center creates a welcoming, transparent core that immediately orients students to the programs and services that the College offers. A curvilinear porch draws students into a flowing 2 story atria that allows them to locate student services functions from one main vantage point (Student Collaborative Center) as well as serves as a backdrop to graduation ceremonies. The architecture contrasts but responds sympathetically to the original campus architect William Pereira’s vision of a ubiquitous concrete waffle-slab and column structural grid that bounds every uneventful building.