East Valley High School #1B

Client: Los Angeles Unified School District
Services Provided: Master Planning, Programming, Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
Project Location: North Hollywood, CA
Project Area: 185,000 sf
Project Site Area: 11.8 acres
Capacity: 1,393 Students
Completion Date: July 2010 (Increment 2); September 2006 (Increment 1)
Sustainability: CHPS Guidelines
Program: 59 Classrooms/Labs, Administration, College and Career Center, Auditorium, Gymnasium, Kitchen, Food Facilities/Cafeteria, Swimming Pool, Athletic Fields, Broadcast Studio Renovation, 2 Speech Therapy Rooms

The High School complex is organized in a dense four-story configuration in order to mitigate influences on and bounding the site. The school site is relatively small and multi-story construction for the school complex was necessary to provide as much land for athletics and areas for individual learning courtyards as possible. Academies include Applied Technology/School to Career: Culinary Arts, Broadcasting, Technology/Multi Media Production/Video.

Partnerships with a housing developer, the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles USD led to careful planning to accommodate each entities needs. The building complex is organized with High School functions that necessitate community access on the ground floor. The “front door” and main access point for student and visitors to the campus is the administration’s lobby or through a passageway adjacent to the centralized administrative offices so that access to the campus is limited and secure. Access to the main Gymnasium for sporting events, the Auditorium for performing arts events and the Library are from the perimeter of the building complex.

Spectators in the 10,546 sf, 682-seat Performing Arts/Auditorium are comfortable in a lecture situation with tablet arm chairs and variable lighting, or watching performing arts and music events supported by the stage. The building contains an Auditorium, Control Room, Dressing Rooms, Stage with Wings/Staging Area, Lobby/Service/Water Area and Broadcast Studio, providing direct access by the public during off-school hours.

The  first floor of the Gymnasium contains a Weight Room, Therapy Room for Special Education, Dance Studio, College Career Center, College Counselor Room, Technology Room, Classroom, 2 Faculty Offices and Shower/Locker Rooms, 2 Team Rooms, Boys and Girls Shower/Locker Rooms and Equipment Storage Room. The second level includes the Gymnasium (seating 794), Concessions Booth, Equipment Room and PA Room.

As part of the phase construction, program for Increment 2 called for a 25-meter Swimming Pool, Shower/Locker Building and a Pool Equipment Building. Outdoor Basketball Courts, Baseball Field, Softball Field and a Soccer Field make-up the outdoor athletic facilities.

The design meets the CHPS guidelines for energy efficiency, and exceeds the score necessary to be a CHPS project. The project reflects LAUSD’s commitment to the CHPS program.