Chabot College Community Student Services Center Receives LEED Platinum

Campus GatewayChabot College has many successes to celebrate and one of the largest and very significant achievements is the LEED PLATINUM certification of the new Student Services facility.

The Community and Student Services Center, designed as the campus  “signature” building, and highly visible from the campus core, as well as, Hesperian Boulevard, creates a new welcoming gateway to the Chabot campus.
The new Student Services Center is a visionary facility to not only meet the needs of the growing student population at Chabot College, but also facilitate interaction as a community center within the neighboring community. It’s siting and form completes the campus frontage, defines a public plaza, and creates a pedestrian thoroughfare, opening the campus core to the Hayward community. The facility consolidates dispersed student services into a one-stop center. The 2-story atrium engages the public plaza, drawing visitors in to discover a variety of service and information counters, flexible study lounges, counseling offices and resource areas. The innovative design “breaks-down barriers” between departments, creates a welcoming student environment to support student success.

Chabot College Community and Student Center - Quad ViewA key feature of the building is the two-story atrium, which serves as the bridge between community and campus. The insulating glass is part of a daylighting control system that allows the glass to seamlessly tint or clear within minutes, managing sunlight and heat gain in this naturally ventilated building. The building also features radiant heating and cooling in the atrium’s concrete slab in lieu of traditional forced air heating and cooling. In addition, the building is engineered with roof and ceiling air scoops to provide natural ventilation.

Chabot College Community and Student Center - Sunshades ViewStudent Service Centers serving as “One-Stop Shops”, incorporate many up-front and student’s first functions. This facility’s functions include: Information Commons, Admissions & Records, Bursar, DSPS, Community and Business Education, Testing Center, Counseling, Career Center, Learning Communities, Staff Lounge, Meeting Rooms, Bookstore and Convenience Store

The new facility contextually fits within the campuses aesthetic appeal, but truly stands out as a beacon among the other Facilities which allows the “welcome, you matter” message to occur. It has the “WOW” factor from both the exterior and interior viewpoints. tBP’s Design Team interfaced with the client and the many user groups to effectively and resourcefully program and design a facility that is appealing, functional, and energy efficient.  The process incorporated many talented staff members, college administrators, faculty members, and students to create this amazing building.

Chabot College Community and Student Center - Exterior ViewGreen technologies being used in the building include Energy Star compliant roofing, waterless urinals, metered faucets and low-flow toilets, and photovoltaic solar panels that are located in the parking lots across the college campus. Those panels provide shade while generating renewable energy for the college. The student services building also uses a building management system that senses when carbon dioxide levels inside the facility call for more fresh air circulation.

The new Community and Student Services Center is open to both the Chabot College community, as well as, the greater Hayward community. The facility contains the campuses Learning Communities, such as Darja and Puente, as well as the International Students Organization and the campus Career Resource Center. The Center creates a strong civic presence to the community with its public plazas, Foundation suite, and large suite of multipurpose meeting rooms, open to both the entire campus and the greater Hayward community.

The project received Platinum LEED certification.

Client: Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
Services Provided: Programming, Design and Architecture
Project Location: Hayward, CA
Project Size: 55,258 sf
Completion Date: January 2010
Sustainability: LEED Platinum Certified
Contractor: Roebbelen Contracting, Inc.