AVC Health and Sciences Building Opening

September 27, 2012 – Imagination, creativity, leadership and community support were fully achieved and demonstrated at the ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday, September 27 for the Antelope Valley College’s new Health and Sciences Building. Doug Jensen, Director of Facilities and Planning, shared with students and faculty, “We imagined the possibilities and today our dream is now a reality for AVC’s nursing, science and math students”.

The facility is the new home for the celebrated nursing, health and nutrition programs and augments the campus’ math and science programs. The new Health Science Building is a futuristic U-shaped concrete and glass two story structure that embraces an elliptically shaped immersive technology theater.

“It’s a facility that rivals four-year universities,” said college Superintendent/President Dr. Jackie L. Fisher Sr. The new building more than doubles the capacity at the college to serve health science and science students. The most unique learning spaces in the building are nursing simulation spaces that are a combination of lab and classroom space. In the ”sim” labs, students experience real life, albeit simulated, experiences on dummies that allow students the opportunity to experience real life simulations of patient care experiences ranging from simple monitoring to critical emergency situations.

Other unique building features that support students are the surgery demonstration lab, a subway restaurant, an outdoor botany greenhouse, telescope observation deck, and the building space that represents Antelope Valley College’s moniker, “Imagine the Possibilities” the immersive theater. The ovoid lab serves as a 360-degree immersive dome planetarium and an immersive experience to support science instruction such as biology, chemistry, physics and even art history. Additional features serving students are multiple lobbies and study spaces supported with displays from Antelope Valley College’s business partnership companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Antelope Valley Hospital.