Contra Costa College Center Construction Update

February 25, 2015 – The New College Center at Contra Costa College is a collection of 3 buildings and an outdoor amphitheater. Each building houses a unique set of programs. The Classroom building sits above the Student Activities and the Fireside Community Buildings. The Classroom Building houses 11 classrooms, 4 computer labs, a 200-seat tiered lecture hall and various faculty offices. The Student Activities Building houses programs like Culinary Arts (with restaurant), Student Life, Food Services, the Bookstore and Business Services. The Fireside Community Building sits between the Classroom and SA Building and acts as a community center. It is designed as a lodge-like meeting room for the community and the college to use as a social space.

The photos in this article are of the 3 buildings currently under construction. Estimated construction finish date: August/2016.

Please see the Contra Costa College Center Portfolio page for more information.