CEFPI Learning Tour – Palomar Planetarium

October 26, 2015 – As part of CEFPI’s LearningSCAPES educational session, Gary Moon, AIA (President/Director of Design and at tBP/Architecture) and Hung Cheng, Architect (Principal at tBP/Architecture) led a facility learning tour of the Palomar College Planetarium in San Marcos, California. The 150-seat Planetarium is a state of the art immersive environment that is utilized primarily for Astronomy, Science Instruction and Multi-media Instruction. Learning at every turn is conveyed: the courtyard illustrates comet pathways and planets in 2-D and 3-D; the entrance canopy is perforated with holes that kinetically represent planetary motion as the sun moves; lobby display monitors project images of current thought on the formation and derivation of our solar system; the theater immerses the theater goers in an omnipresent, all encompassing, ever-changing experience. Read more/Portfolio.

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CEFPI|Learning Environments LogoPalomar College Multi-Media Lab/Planetarium

Palomar College Multi-Media Lab/Planetarium