College of the Canyons Student Services Groundbreaking

March 14, 2013 – “A Foundation for Success,” the official groundbreaking celebration for the College of the Canyons Student Services & Administration Building was held on March 14th. Chancellor Dr. Dianne Van Hook addressed the College and community dignitaries attending. The new 46,000 square foot building will be the College’s “Gateway” building; with a Welcome Center that will be the first introduction to the campus conveying the ease, simplicity and clear process that will allow students to access services to register, be admitted and if possible receive financial aid. By bringing together all of the student support services (currently spread over the campus) into one location, students will better understand what a tremendous support mechanism the College can be for them for their future.

Measure M supported by the community of Santa Clarita combined with matching State monies funded this centrally located hub that houses Student Services as well as the College’s Administration and Instructional space. A strong identity is rendered by a large central skylight that will illuminate the central building spine illuminating open computer stations and campus artwork displayed in a gallery setting. At night the central building spine will glow richly, providing an iconic image. The edifice’s modern architecture will fit in with the campus’ style and reflect a minimized sophisticated palette of materials chosen for their great value to budget and their energy and resource saving abilities. We look forward to the building’s doors opening to support students early in 2015.