College of the Desert Campus Gateway

March 15, 2013 – The College of the Desert‘s historic Hilb Center, which has conveyed the mission of “higher education” for 60 years, is now framed by the new Communication Building. The 2-story Instructional building facilitates new learning, and teaching methodologies supported by technology and aimed at capturing the imagination of the new millennial generation and Generation Z students. Adaptable classrooms are augmented by various sized touchdown spaces for dCollege of the Desert Communication Buildingirect learning support and application.

The Communication Building was designed to achieve LEED GOLD status. Deep overhangs and sunscreens allow well placed windows to temper the desert’s harsh sunlight while protecting exterior walls from direct heat gain. Recycled materials were utilized whenever possible on interiors as well as on structural elements; efficient mechanical systems, solar-tubes and high efficiency lighting contributed to achieving a high level of energy efficiency as well. The use of indigenous materials such as natural stone, smooth plaster and metal panels were chosen to reinforce and continue the “Palm Springs Moderne” architectural heritage espoused by the campus’ original architect, Albert Frye and Williams and Williams. Read more.