Contra Costa College Center Construction Update #2

December 1, 2015 – Contra Costa’s new College Center is approaching 75% completion of the 3 building, 108,379 square foot complex.

A new heart for Contra Costa College! The heart and soul of any College campus is the student Union and central quad. Located in the geographic center of the campus the new center will will replace the aged student center and food services and provide a new campus “heart” or “living room” surrounded by campus support spaces. Student’s are the life blood of the campus and need a place that is clearly dedicated to promoting and facilitating their success. One key factor in making sure that success happens is by creating an engaging environment that is attractive to students, attractive enough that they chose to remain on campus between classes. Students have a central location to have fun, socialize, work, and pursue the multitude of opportunities the campus and campus community offers. A great environment is one that facilitates students, especially commuter students, to have a “collegiate experience” where the student is an engaged contributing member to the college culture. The College center is a complex that is comprised of student activities, student club rooms, game areas, food services, Culinary Arts, convenience/bookstore, Administration, Fireside conference area and a 3 story classroom/lab building. Nestled between the buildings are a series of different sized outdoor spaces that are designed to engage students in various ways. Central to the quad area is the “free speech corner” a tradition continued by the CCC student government. Adjacent to the Fireside room is a casual amphitheater where students will be able to listen to concerts, speeches etc. while watching the campus population parade by. To allow students to unwind and engage with nature, the transverse campus creek will have various spots for students to sit and commune with nature (trees, birds, creek). Read more/Portfolio