August 10, 2017 – Contra Costa College New College Center re-imagines the central campus to infuse new energy into the aged campus. The project’s architecture style harmonizes with the older architecture, is transparent to convey the programs and services that occur in the building and integrates with the dominant verdant hillsides. 

The original 1950-60’s campus architecture conveys the historic roots of modern American campus architecture; brick buildings with white plaster viewed across manicured landscapes. Three new buildings form a dynamic central core focused on students and organized to facilitate and encourage student life and engagement. An amphitheater, a free speech area, student dining area and Creekside areas are surrounded by a Student Center/Administration/Culinary Arts/Food Service/Bookstore building, a 3-story Classroom/Lecture Hall/Faculty Office Building with spectacular views of San Francisco city lights across the bay, and the community use “Fireside” Pavilion. The vibrant program responds to the context of climatic pressures (earthquake faults, creeks), the educational program and the 1960’s era brick and plaster buildings.







For Project Information, Descriptions and Photos please see:

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