El Camino College Shops Building Bids

February 7, 2013 – Congratulations to El Camino College for a successful bid of the Shops Building with a very competitive bid spread of only 7%! The new Shops Building which houses the programs of Automotive Technology, Auto-body, Welding and Heating and Air Conditioning, was pursued by nine construction companies that competed for the ability to build the 53,000 square foot facility. The successful bidder is Pinner Construction.

As Randy Hartman of Bovis Construction Management Services said, “In all my years of bidding projects I have never seen such a tight bid spread.”  The closeness of bidding can be attributed to two things – competent contractors and complete, well-coordinated construction documents.

We first credit the competency, skill level, and competitiveness of the nine firms bidding on the Shops Building project. The contractors spent the time and effort to make sure they understood this complex project because it was a competitive field and they wanted to win. The second reason that the bids were so close can be attributed to the contractors all bidding a complete set of documents. The completeness of documentation can be attributed to the documents being produced in a BIM format. The result of producing the documents in Revit (BIM format) allowed all the Design Team members to visually understand, in 3 dimensions, all the components of the building and the space required to accommodate the various types of infrastructure. The infrastructure was well coordinated utilizing software which highlights systems that occupy the same space known as “clashes”. By eliminating clashes the resultant documents have minimal conflicts. The El Camino Shops project team and tBP/Architecture effectively collaborated throughout the first phases of the project’s life which has resulted in a successful bidding process. El Camino College is ecstatic about the bid and looking forward to occupying the building when it opens in 2014.