Fremont ES ORG Project Complete

September 23, 2017 – Fremont Elementary School’s new classroom building was completed just in time to open on the first day of school on August 16th. This provided GUSD with a 21st century educational environment that is flexible to allow the students to learn in a traditional environment or work in a collaborative environment while communicating and engaging in critical thinking. 

Fremont Elementary School is one of three sites in Glendale USD that received new buildings as the result of Overcrowding Relief Grants (ORG’s). This grant supports overcrowded elementary school sites that were utilizing relocatable classrooms to accommodate their oversized population. The funds were utilized to remove the existing relocatable classrooms and replace the classrooms with permanent facilities. As teaching and learning methodologies change, Fremont’s spaces will be able to adapt to changing to support the teachers and the students. The permanent facility design reflects the modern culture and architecture of Fremont Elementary School which was built in the 1950s.










Fremont ES Classroom Replacement Building:  33,200 sf  | 17 Regular/Standard Classrooms, 2 Kindergarten Classrooms, 1 K/1 Classroom, 2 SDC Classrooms, Cyber Library, Covered Walkways, Staff and Student Restrooms.