Meet Our Interns!

September 21, 2017 – tBP/Architecture has a long history of creating internships with Community Colleges and Universities to encourage and facilitate professional development of their students. Through the years tBP has almost always had a student on staff. We are also very grateful for our relationship with Orange Coast College and the wonderful interns they have sent to us. Internships are a great way to reap the benefits of energy, wonder and excitement of young students to help push and motivate through questioning, our more senior staff members. We currently have four very talented interns currently working with us at our Newport Beach office.






Jonathan Gonzalez Alcantara
School: Woodbury University
Subject of Study: Architecture (B. Arch)
Expected Graduation Date: May 2019
Favorite Subject: Ecology/Environmental Studies
Favorite Task/Memory at tBP: The best memory I have so far at tBP is when I went to DSA on my own and got a project approved by DSA. Although it was a nervous experience, the outcome was great. Definitely an experience I will never forget.
(Former OCC Student)


Vuong Chu
School: Cal Poly Pomona
Subject of Study:  Architecture, Master program, 2nd year
Expected Graduation Date: June 2019
Favorite Subject: Design Studios, Environmental Sustainability, Structure
Favorite Task/Memory at tBP: Schematic designs, Construction Documents, Construction Administrations.



Marla Kardous   
School: Cal Poly Pomona
Subject of Study: Bachelor in Architecture
Expected Graduation Date: June 2018
Favorite Subject: The design studio is my favorite class at school because as a student I get to design an imaginary world that does not necessarily have gravity and limited to Newton’s law.
Favorite Task/Memory at tBP: The best thing as an intern is getting exposed to all departments starting from design and ending with construction documents.


Jean Dan
School: Cal Poly Pomona
Subject of Study: Master of Architecture
Expected Graduation Date: 2019
Favorite Subject: Studio
Favorite Task/Memory at tBP: Designing graphic for competition & having lunch & learn sessions.



We appreciate them and are excited to have them on the team!