SJDC Science and Math Building

March 9, 2017 –  San Joaquin Delta College Science and Mathematics Building  is a place that celebrates the scientific experience, while expressing an image of a positive direction for the 21st Century for San Joaquin Delta College and the Stockton community.

The design concept reflects the historical heritage of the central valley and its strong agricultural history.  The tall stair towers with their interpretive shed roofs, the exposed structural elements and the colors used on the buildings bring to mind the grain silos of old that formed the backbone of the commerce of the region. The key goals of the project were to create indoor and outdoor learning environments, create a verity of study and collaborative learning environments, design a building that supports interdisciplinary collaboration between areas of instruction, and incorporate sustainable principals throughout the design. This three story design is horizontally layered with Earth Science on the ground level, Biology on the mid level and Chemistry on the third level. Each department is organized in a cluster with the Science labs surrounding a central core consisting of lab preparation rooms, lab storage rooms and lab tech offices.  Read more/Profile.

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