SRJC Petaluma Campus Student Center

August 27, 2018 – Fostering Student Success! Santa Rosa Junior College is one of the leaders in fostering student success. SRJC is the recipient of a $1.6 million award from the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Higher Education Innovation Awards Program. The Petaluma campus Student Success Team was one of only 11 projects out of 65 submissions to be selected.  The awards recognize innovations that improve student success, with a particular focus on underrepresented and underserved groups; demonstrate revolutionary learning or student support models; and are sustainable and capable of being scaled across the state. 

As part of their effort to advance this successful model further, the Campus has challenged tBP/Architecture to transform and expand an existing building into a Student Center.  The goal will be to shift the Architecture from staff centric to a “student first” facility which welcomes, guides and engages students towards collegiate success. Petaluma’s dynamic staff has imagined an environment uniquely suited to their diverse Campus Culture. The intent is to make space that allows each student to receive customized support their unique journey. The facility will feature a Student Success Zone with a comfortable and welcoming living room environment. This new heart of campus will be owned by the students and equip them with a variety of environments to hang out, visit and collaborate. Peer Student Success Coaches will be on hand to advise students or just lend an ear. In addition to the support services offered, Building will include “Grand Central”’ a kind of a student owned maker space with provisions for food, entrepreneurship and even movie night! The building will also include a series of support spaces to support students including  areas for meetings, laundry, gaming and student government. The project also leverages engagement though the creation of outdoor eating and hang out spaces that bridge to a revamped café. The new and remodeled combination of spaces will re-envision the heart of the campus. There will be no question that students are the College’s priority. Estimated completion is March 2020.