SRJC Petaluma Groundbreaking for Student Life Complex

June 14, 2019 – School officials and students gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking for Sonoma County’s Santa Rosa Junior College Petaluma Campus Student Life Project. Philip Newsom, President and Managing Principal of our tBP Walnut Creek office, spoke at the groundbreaking event about the upcoming project in depth.

This project revitalizes two buildings; one into a Food Service/Bookstore building and the second into a Student Success Center. The goal will be to shift the Architecture from staff centric to a “student first” facility which welcomes, guides and engages students towards collegiate success. The design includes a new heart of campus which has a variety of environments to hang out, visit and collaborate. The College’s goal with this project was to provide college lifestyle spaces and amenities that will cause students to linger on campus longer, so that College support staff can engage students to make them aware of student support programs. “It marks a symbolic and nonetheless significant turning point toward our dream of expanded science offerings, and continued interdisciplinary innovation,” said SRJC Vice President Jane Saldana-Talley. “As well as a redesigned student center, we’re guaranteed to ensure students on this campus are welcomed, guided and engaged as we promised them.” The newly designed spaces are welcoming, positive, collaborative and highly supportive; largely modelled after similarly successful Bay-Area coworking locations they have an industrial vibe that encourages creativity coupled with a rustic Sonoma County aesthetic. 

The project is estimated to be completed March 2020.