tBP/Architecture takes great pride in honoring our mission statement to cultivate lasting professional relationships with our Clients and our Peers. On-going professional relationships with repeat Clients contribute to the enjoyment that is available within our business lives. These good relationships are all based upon mutual respect.

As we venture into new relationships, we are diligent to establish a strong foundation upon which to grow and expand that relationship. A key ingredient in establishing the foundation is communication. Our firm members recognize that communication must be open, candid, proactive, and two-way with our Clients.

We recognize that relationships will encounter “ups and downs”. Whatever the issue may be, we believe in resolving the issue in a proactive manner, rather than letting it fester. If we know that we have created the issue that is impacting our relationship, intentionally or not, we will own up to it and admit our mistake. If it is a behavioral issue, we commit to changing that behavior. Most importantly, we will always be supportive of our clients by making their agenda a priority.


Coast CCD:  50+ Years
Chabot-Las Positas CCD: 16 Years
Compton CCD:  13 Years
Contra Costa CCD: 19 Years
Los Angeles CCD:  18 Years
San Jose/Evergreen CCD:  30+ Years
Yuba CCD: 11 Years
Glendale USD: 11 Years
Los Angeles USD:  20+ Years
Simi Valley USD: 16 Years


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