tBP/Architecture, Inc.

We are a full service professionally licensed Architectural and Planning Firm.  Our Firm has been in business continuously since 1952 with the following evolution of our dba:

1952 – 1959 Blurock, Pleger, Hogan, Ellerbroek
1960 – 1974 William Blurock Associates
1975 – 1982 William Blurock & Partners
1983 – 1994 The Blurock Partnership (TBP)
1995 – Present tBP/Architecture, Inc.

During the past 60 years, our project types have included residential, restaurants, churches, bio-tech research facilities, corporate office buildings, performing arts, civic buildings and specialized emphasis on educational facilities K – 12, Community Colleges, Colleges and University.

Our mission is to “cultivate lasting professional relationships with our Clients and our Peers as we deliver functional, cost effective and technologically advanced facilities that are timeless in their flexibility to accommodate change.  Our Clients benefit from our longevity, experience and capabilities with a varied listing of project types.  Our Clients also benefit from our exceptional multi-talented firm members who are the nucleus of our business.  Many of these professionals have been a part of the tBP family in excess of 25 years.  The dedication to our mission keeps our business culturally enjoyable, financially stable and rewarding for both our Clients and our family members.

Why Choose Us


Collaboration and Sharing Ideas.

We become an extension of your staff and lead in the assistance necessary for you to realize your vision and goals. Our participation and collaboration with you becomes the foundation upon which your program needs are and your new facility is a facilitator for you r continued successes. We listen, we share and we collaborate.


60 Years of Experience.

Our vast experiences, capabilities and professional knowledge is the backbone of our staff mentoring program. This provides confidence and credibility with our Clients. The inherent dedications and commitments associated with our program and mission result in facilities which are fundamental to your business and improve the physical and built environments.


Digital Technologies.

We utilize the latest software and hardware to develop and guide your facilities to fruition. Our BIM technologies are used to coordinate and eliminate ambiguities in your construction documents. This results in schedule efficiency and project construction cost savings.