ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE Health and Sciences Building

We imagined the possibilities and today our dream is now a reality for Antelope Valley College’s nursing, science and math students.
– Doug Jensen, Director of Facilities and Planning

The new futuristic U-shaped two-story Health and Sciences Building brings together two unique programs creating a highly flexible integrated learning facility at the heart of the campus. The goal of supporting student learning styles in a unique way manifested itself in specialized and flexible learning environments and a variety of student “owned” spaces that allow casual anytime interaction inside and around the complex. An immersive technology theater treats students to 360-degree simulated environments ranging from the exploration of the universe to travel through the human body. There are also nursing critical care labs that simulate hospital environments that include robotic patients. Additionally, there are natural and physical science labs that run the gamut. The building more than doubles the capacity of the college to serve the highly popular science and health science programs.

The building was renamed to Uhazy Hall in 2017 after Mathematics and Sciences Division Dean and former professor, Leslie S. Uhazy.