GOLDEN WEST COLLEGE Student Services Center

The original design Golden West College was conceived by architectural modernist, William Perreira, who created an oneiric campus consisting of a concrete grid of columns and beams that link all the buildings together. In contrast, the new Golden West College Student Services Center is intentionally identifiable, rejecting the grid for color and form. Golden West College envisioned the project as a means to “reduce the ‘bounce factor’ and bring together all the student service functions into a single building”. This goal was also locally supported by Bond Measure M funding.

A curvilinear porch welcomes students into the building and echoes Huntington Beach’s surf culture. Upon entrance of the building, students are greeted by the large, two-story central atrium where student service functions can be seen from one main vantage point. The organization of the building and central space reflects the campus commitment to provide student-focused spaces that facilitates their success.