Sustainable strategies were incorporated from the beginning of design: Building and window orientation, low embodied energy or recycled materials, the use of controlled natural lighting, VAV HVAC Systems with energy management controls, insulated glass and sun shading devices throughout, as well as Photovoltaic Panels built over the adjacent parking lot.

Los Medanos College has developed a new College Quad to facilitate future growth. The Quad consists of the Library, Science Building, and Math Building. These new buildings at the new entrance to the college form a welcoming gateway. By incorporating gracious, well landscaped, quadrangles, which afford shaded outdoor spaces, has enhanced the entry experience. This complex provides a “friendly face” and a new ‘front door’ for all to enjoy.

The new Library shares its resources with the local members of the community. The Community Center contains conference and meeting facilities, distance learning facilities, a community information center and a Galleria to be used for receptions. The Library also has extended access to the multi-discipline computer reference lab facilities.