ORANGE COAST COLLEGE College Center and Student Union Complex

The new Student Union and College Center complex was envisioned as Orange Coast College’s main campus entrance. The buildings converge in an L-shape framing the main campus quad and intuitively orients the student to the many great programs and services that the campus offers. At the heart of the College Center Building is the jewel-box space which allows for an abundance of natural light along with an interesting view of campus life. Captain’s Table restaurant diners will be able to watch student activities occurring in the new quad which serves as a memorable landscape for important events such as graduation, concerts, speeches, and job fairs. The campus and community culture is propagated by nautical and wave-like imagery that informs the building shape and form.


Comfortable seating provides places to relax, while easily movable furniture makes collaboration easy in the Student Union.


The Hospitality, Food, and Tourism pathways at Orange Coast College have been enhanced with the new instructional kitchens housed within the new College Center building. From Culinary Arts, Food Service Management, Nutrition and more, students pursuing a variety of programs will have access to the latest kitchen equipment, tools and technology. Paired with the college’s student-operated 400-seat Conference/Event Center and Captain’s Table restaurant, OCC serves a vital role in training students and providing real-world working experience. Find more information on the instructional kitchens here.