Located in a dense urban environment, Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School presented unique challenges to design a school on an impacted 13.7-acre site. The school is built over an underground parking garage located along a major arterial street. Siting for the campus was crucial to position the school as far away from railroad tracks as possible. With community enrichment and accessibility in mind, a joint use agreement strategically positioned the library, multipurpose facilities, and athletic fields adjacent to the existing public park and aquatic center.

The school is designated as a college and career preparatory institution organized with Small Learning Communities (SLC) including Law, Government, and Public Service academy; an Engineering, Technology and Design Academy; Freshmen Success Academy; and a Middle School Global Studies Academy. Accommodating nearly 2,000 students, the four-story structure contains 67 classrooms along with administrative areas and science labs.

The “Great Room” is a multipurpose building that serves many campus needs. It combines a 2-court gymnasium with pull-out bleachers and a performing arts center with a full-sized stage. A folding sectional wall separates the two areas when needed or remains open to create a multi-functional event space. Also included on campus are athletic facilities, sport fields and additional support spaces.