RIO HONDO COLLEGE Music/Wray Theater

The RHC Music and Wray Theater Renovation is a 50/50 State funded project that will bring an outdated and underutilized Performing Arts Center into the 21st century. The building originally constructed in 1966 is being rethought to accommodate an expanding and robust Arts program. This unique project will re-imagine the theater seating and acoustic envelope while adding a balcony to increase the seating capacity. The project also will leverage underutilized mechanical spaces to increase the number of music and performing arts lab spaces without having to increase the building footprint. To facilitate the programmatic changes and structural upgrades, a new elevator and stair core will be added to access the newly occupied second floor level. In providing students a modernized facility that is accessible and safe with new technology, they will have more opportunities to participate and achieve higher levels of success in the Performing Arts.