SAN JOAQUIN DELTA COLLEGE Science and Math Building

tBP/Architecture helped determine the most suitable location for the new Science and Math Building during the college’s programing and planning stages. The site located north of the existing Shima Center was chosen based on public and student parking access and the availability of a separate service drive for easy access to the labs. The new building replaced the former 92,000 sf science building whose demolition and conversion into the new plaza was included in the project scope. Exterior building forms, materials, and colors reflect a modern interpretation that complements and harmonizes with the “Village” character of the existing college buildings.

The design consists of three stories, with primarily dry labs on the first floor, wet biology labs on the second floor, and chemistry labs on the third floor. The labs wrap around a central service core consisting of tech offices, lab preparation rooms, and lab storage rooms. Students enter the labs from the opposite side of the central service core providing safe separation of students and chemicals. By dedicating classrooms and offices of specific disciplines to each floor, the building’s design helps create cohesion and camaraderie. Further supporting STEM student success are break-out spaces, computer labs, and a Resource Center where students can study and receive tutoring.