WOODLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE Performing Arts/Culinary Services Building

The State-Funded Performing/Culinary Arts Facility at Woodland Community College has a program tailored to support the College by creating a synergistic range of course offerings intended as an attractor, to complete the campus. tBP/Architecture worked with the College to conceive an innovative program to:

  1. Bring new course offerings, and opportunities for degrees and certificates.
  2. Support synergy between CTE and STEAM programs.
  3. Support synergy between Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Theater Arts.
  4. Create a ‘heart and soul’ of collegiate activity.



The program consists of a flexible theater that accommodates 400 seats with back of house spaces, Music labs, Fine Arts labs, Culinary Arts labs and flexible classrooms to accommodate many types of instruction. The design arranges the programmatic elements into a welcoming curvilinear form that surrounds a new main activity quad to invite visitors and students to relax or explore various career options. A unique feature will be an outdoor dining area which will be utilized by the Hospitality program where students will serve patrons food that is grown on site to promote their “farm to table” health and wellness philosophy.