Hillside Middle School has developed educational pathways focusing on STEAM instruction through a project based curriculum. After assessing the existing facilities and meeting with school administrators and staff, tBP/Architecture determined that with modifications, additions and new classrooms, the school can support the District’s mission far into the future. For many projects outlined in the plan, several options were presented to allow the District to choose the most effective solution when considering costs, existing site, interim housing needs and construction scheduling.

Hallmarks of the new or improved spaces envisioned in the plan include a multipurpose room, a 450-seat performing arts venue, a classroom building, and flexible science labs. The plan also highlighted the potential to create “sticky” spaces in the outdoor areas adjacent to classrooms to encourage social interaction. Other elements addressed are to create an identifiable front door of the campus; graphics, signage and lighting to improve wayfinding; fencing and security; and appropriately sized student drop off and vehicular circulation.